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Tagua jewelry, woven bamboo leaves CañaFlecha jewelry & hand processed pure natural Silk accessories.


Hand woven bamboo leaves


Bracelet 6 & Thin Ring


Necklace Set


Bracelet 5

This beautiful "CañaFlecha" jewelry is made from Arrow cane palm leaves by the Zenu Indians descendants located in remote villages along the North Colombian Atlantic region. The origin of this art may be traced back before the Spanish colonization of South America when Indian tribes used woven cane baskets, bags and huts to protect themselves from the inclement sun around this hot climate regions.

Resistance and durability of the material aloud them to use it for rustic beds, chairs and other utensils. In a colaborative family effort, the man is encharged of the cultivation, harvest and preparation of the palm leaves while the woman are generally weaving and naturally dying the delicate pieces making each one of them one of a kind. go up